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Water Is Life…

Water is life. Sounds like a cliché, but essential to every part of our life is the access to water: clean, safe and affordable water. Everything depends on water: our energy, our agriculture, our homes and our health.


America’s water future has challenges on every front. And on every front there are solutions. Some are being actively addressed now. However, too many are deferred or ignored because we have yet to squarely face the challenges to our water from industry toxins, the pesticides used in growing our food or the chemicals used to drill, mine and produce  energy. Some parts of the country are threatened by too much water from flooding, coastal erosion and rising seas. Other parts are parched from drought and water shortages on a routine basis. Water systems can renew themselves, but not if they are depleted faster than nature can renew and replace.


What we know is that these challenges, sharply and accurately defined, can each be solved with decisive action. This means we need smart water policies, wise application of new technologies and the protection of water resources by the appropriate government regulation of human and industrial activities.


American know-how and innovation can move toward the protection, conservation and smart use of America’s most valuable resource.  Our common future will be determined by how we rise to the challenge of managing our most essential resource.  The future is in our hands.